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  • They used to fight over which was the livers and who was my gizzards. I could be talking about something super important to me, and they wouldnt even be listening. In his classic 1984 essay, Richard Ben Cramer wonders if Jerry Lee Lewis got away with his wife's murder. M the guy on the barstool, telling them. writing the 'solitary soul': anticipations of modernism negotiations of gender in kate chopin's the awakening. Te chopin's 1899 novel the awakening.
  • Theres nothing inherently wrong with black mens sexuality — only the ways it has been distorted, demonized and denied. In coarser company it would be as ugly as a pocketful of aholes. Burkhard Bilger takes a spin with Anthony Levandowski, an engineer at Google X, in the companys self driving Lexus. E vehicle knows every turn, never gets drowsy. Animal groups and babies often have strange names. By sharks are called pups, baby kangaroos are called joeys.
  • Celebrities—the actor Jamie Foxx, the former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, members of the Miami Heat—were photographed wearing hoodies. awesome essay AB thank you for sharing it. Illiant! d thinking about what ellen O says which books remain on the To Read lists and also which ones were. In his classic 1984 essay, Richard Ben Cramer wonders if Jerry Lee Lewis got away with his wife's murder. M the guy on the barstool, telling them.

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